Relaxing in Goa


We’re in Goa! Huzah! We arrived yesterday afternoon. As you can see from the above photo we spent most of today relaxing. The pool is amazing. It’s really warm and clear. Bumpkin that I am I was also impressed that the towels were ready for use on the sunchairs.

We flew from London to Mumbai then Mumbai to Goa. The first leg was fairly uneventful. The best part was when the air stewards walked up and down the aisles spraying disinfectant “to stop the spread of disease” in the air. That was great. I’m assuming it’s got something to do with trying to prevent the spread of TB. I wonder how effective that is. Was great to watch though. If a bit choky.

There was some mild chaos when we arrived in Mumbai but everything worked out okay. I heard someone today describe India as “functional chaos” which so far seems quite accurate.  We’d been told in Heathrow that we couldn’t check-in to our flight from Mumbai to Goa in advance and that we would have to collect our bags, go through customs and then go through the departures part of the airport as if we were just arriving. When we arrived in Mumbai we went through immigration, collected our bags and then went through customs. A man told us to walk straight until we came to the Jet airways departure area. We walked, saw a sign saying ‘departures’ and followed it into a lift. In the lift was a man who pressed the button for us. On leaving the lift we met a security man who asked which airline we were flying with and directed us out of a door into the outside. We then dragged our cases round a heap of people sitting on the floor, past security men holding machine guns and made our way to the door marked “departures”. Here we were met by  a security guard who asked to see our tickets. Now, we didn’t have any tickets or boarding cards because we hadn’t been able to check in yet. We showed him our itinerary. He called for another woman to come out and talk to us. There followed much confusion where they thought we were flying to London and we tried explaining we’d just come from London and we wanted to go to Goa. Eventually the woman understood and told us we shouldn’t have left the airport, that we weren’t allowed back in through this door and we instead would have to go down to arrivals, get a taxi and drive round to the departure terminal 1. “Hurry” she said.

This seemed crazy but having no choice we went and found the taxi-area. In Indian airports you need to go to a taxi booth and pay before getting in the car. Luckily C had some rupees but the taxi cost 190 and we only had about 170. Luckily the taxi man took pity on us and let us pay less. So into the taxi we went.It did a big loop and took us to the domestic airport. Luckily we had quite a bit of time for all this zig zagging.

I managed to get patted down both times I went through airport security. In Mumbai the woman patting me down told me I looked “very cute”. I think this may have been because my flight bag matched my dress. Maybe.

We’re staying in the Grand Hyatt in Goa. It’s very fancy. We can see the sea from our room.


When we arrived yesterday we had a rest in our room then went and explored the hotel before finding dinner.

The First Gin and Tonic in India

Right now it’s around 8pm. I can hear crickets chirping and waves lapping at the beach.

Soon I’ll go and have some delicious Indian food.

Life is good.