A tour of a Sikh temple


When we were in Delhi for the Christmas holidays we got given a tour of a Sikh Temple. Our taxi driver told us he was a Sikh and asked if we’d like to see a Sikh Temple. He’d just driven us to a famous mosque so I guess he was keen for us to see his place of worship too. I liked it a lot more than the mosque. For one thing at the mosque we had to pay an entrance fee, the two women I was with had to cover themselves in a hideous gown (even though they were fully covered already) and we got chased out within ten minutes of entering because prayers were starting. In the Sikh temple we had to cover our hair but things were much more relaxed.

What I liked most about the temple though was that they were feeding everyone who wanted it lunch. You need never be hungry in India if there is a Sikh temple nearby. Our driver took us into the kitchens so we could see the good work close up. The scale of production was incredible.





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