I can never spell Koala

In Australia I walk around with my head permanently at an upward angle. It’s a good thing the pavements are so even or I’d have had a nasty accident by now. I walk along scanning the treeline for interesting wildlife. Mainly I am on the lookout for parrots (wonder-birds) but also for Koalas who are infamous for the difficulty in spotting them. This is because they sit high up in trees, are an indistinct grey colour and tend to be asleep for the majority of forever. They are extremely sedentary. In part because they are dosed up on eucalyptus leaves.

During our trip to Oz we spent a weekend on the Great Ocean Road at a place called Separation Creek (man I love Australian place names so much). There we saw THREE koalas! Amaze-balls.


Me and a group of friends were staying in the amazing Scully Mill Studios and if you’re planning a trip along the Great Ocean Road I heartily recommend doing the same. We stayed in the Gauguin Suite which has multiple bedrooms, a pool table, table-tennis table and many other games. It even comes with a BBQ and body-boards for the nearby beaches. The studios are in a private valley and decorated with the artist owner’s artworks.


Then there’s the fact that the trees surrounding Scully Mill are filled with koalas!


Oh they’re such funny animals! Even more exciting was that the day after I took the above photo this koala decided he wanted to go for a walk and find a new tree.





Aw! Just look at that face! Don’t be fooled though. These are not cuddly animals. They will happily rip into your face. Plus they all have STDs.

This was the closest I’ve been yet to a koala in the wild. It looked soft. And determined. As it walked it gave of a low, old man growl of warning.

Australia is a land where it is well worth a neck cramp to see wonderful animals.