Exploring Kampala’s abandoned buildings

abandoned building

On Sunday we decided to do some urban exploring. There are a series of abandoned buildings that I walk past most days. They intrigue me so much. No-one seems to be able to tell me what they once were. I guessed a hospital.

“Houses”, my cleaner tells me.

“The electricity station”, a taxi driver tells me.

After exploring them I am none the wiser. I’m leaning towards the taxi driver being closest. They resemble old office buildings. They cover a huge area of land, on which the guards from the nearby apartment blocks grow vegetables.

building CollageInside we step our way around broken glass and excrement. We don’t inspect it closer for fear it might be human. Like so many abandoned buildings it resembles the set of a zombie film. We speak in hushed voices out of fear that there are people living inside. This turns out to be justified when we find a man on the top floor of one building. “Hello!” he cries, then retreats to watch us from a window.

outside building Collage

It’s sad to see so much land going to waste. But it was fun exploring. I’m now on the lookout for some more abandoned buildings to explore.