Healthy eating with Bountiful Baskets

bountiful basket

When I lived in London I always wanted to sign up for one of the many vegetable delivery box schemes that are available there. Every week fresh seasonal vegetables get delivered to your door. But I never did because our doorbell didn’t work and we both worked away from home everyday. So imagine my delight when I discovered a similar scheme being run here in Kampala.

Bountiful Baskets delivers a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables every Monday around Kampala. I signed up for a month’s worth which gave me four baskets. I really enjoyed getting a pile of fresh food every Monday. Staples each week are tomatoes, lettuce and eggs. Then the rest is a random selection. So far I’ve had mangoes, pumpkin, onions, a coconut (fun to smash!), avocado and bananas, among others. Each week you also get a “speciality” item. These have been salsa with corn chips,  a jar of pickles, cream cheese and yogurt and a selection of dried fruit. What I particularly like about the baskets is that they often come with something that is specific to Uganda that I wouldn’t normally buy. Above you can see Mutungulu, which grows in Ugandan swamps.

I really enjoyed these baskets (25, 000 shillings a week) and if I was staying in Kampala I would sign up for more!