Oli otya. Welcome to Stepping String!

What is Stepping String?

Stepping String is a travel blog that I set up to share stories and photos of my travels.

Who am I?


What I look like – mysterious.

My name is Jenny and I’m a blogger, freelance writer, and crafter. You can stalk me on twitter under the username @thestringempire. I have an MA in the history of medicine and a habit of signing up to random things. Jobs I’ve had include being an archaeologist in Ireland, an English teacher in Japan, a barmaid in Australia and a research assistant in London.

I have extremely itchy feet and after a year anywhere start longing for the next adventure. I’ve visited 29 countries so far and have lived in 8.

I’m currently living in Bristol in the U.K.

As well as this blog I write a column for Go Girl Magazine about volunteering. I also once wrote an article for the website “Retirement and Good Living”. If you’re interested in the world of mobile campaigns and social enterprises check out my writing on the topic here.

Want to contact me? Please tweet at me or e-mail me at thestringempire (at) gmail (dot) com. I adore e-mails and will definitely reply swiftly. Unless you send me something creepy – then I’m afraid there will be resounding silence.  If you’re interested in getting me to write for you please e-mail me.