A trip to FRRO Bangalore

I’d heard scary things about the FRRO in Bangalore. Rumours of endless counters to pass with riddle-like complexity manned by grumpy, underpaid staff unhelpfully and endlessly demanding more paperwork had reached my ears. Thankfully things… Continue reading

Dear India: About the cheese

Dear India, I thought it was time I sat down and wrote you a little letter about cheese. I’m sorry but I’m just not happy. I know you’re doing your best. It’s not… Continue reading

An apartment in Koramangala and a monkey

Yesterday I was lying on the living room sofa of our new apartment, watching Harry Potter, when all of a sudden a great commotion arose in the next room. C was in the… Continue reading

Beep beep BEEEP!!!

  Before moving to Bangalore I was told by people in the know that it was “loud”,  “busy” and there were traffic problems. These people were not wrong. The roads are non-stop. And… Continue reading

My first Indian soap opera

Bangalore is hot, the roads are busy and I’m feeling ever-so slightly unwell. This being the case I have retreated to the hotel after completing my only two missions (1. Find lunch 2.… Continue reading

How to apply for an Indian volunteering visa

Okay first up this is a slightly misleading title because…dun dun dun….. there is no Indian volunteering visa. I know! Weird right? And not to say just a little confusing. I named this post… Continue reading

Breakfast in the Hyatt, Goa

Breakfast in the Hyatt is a buffet made up of Western and Indian foods. Above is a masala dosa with tomato, coriander and coconut relish. It’s like a savoury pancake. Ish. The inside… Continue reading

Relaxing in Goa

  We’re in Goa! Huzah! We arrived yesterday afternoon. As you can see from the above photo we spent most of today relaxing. The pool is amazing. It’s really warm and clear. Bumpkin… Continue reading

Two amusing signs from Rye


An excellent day trip from London: Rye

    A couple of weeks ago we went to Rye in Sussex. It’s a very beautiful small English town. We were actually aiming for a place near the sea. Somehow I thought… Continue reading