An excellent day trip from London: Hever Castle

  Last weekend we decided to go spend the day somewhere outside of London. We did some research on places that make good day trips from London. I found a good looking list… Continue reading

My passport has a new guest

Look what I got back! My passport! With a visa inside! Woo-hoo! This is a fairly huge relief. I was semi-convinced I was going to be left behind waiting for this baby. The… Continue reading

Teaching the ABCs

  I’m really lucky to have been offered a place teaching English in a school in Bangalore. It’s a charity school so I’ll be volunteering there. Teaching English is really turning into my… Continue reading

Packing the essentials

I started packing…. Hmmm. Not quite sure where the clothes are going to go.

The named country

And the first country is……… India! Boo Ra! Oh yes oh yes! We will (hopefully) be moving there in a few weeks time. More specifically we will be moving to Bangalore¬†which is in… Continue reading

The SPF hunt

I am on a hunt at the moment. I have a metaphorical spear in one hand and I’m crouching low in the underbush. My quarry? A good SPF sunscreen for my face. ¬†I… Continue reading

A problem of stuff

I have a problem. I have too much stuff. I live in a one bedroom flat which I have managed to fill with stuff. Everywhere I look are things. Things that I have… Continue reading

Portishead: The town of amusing signs

  I’m visiting my parents at the moment in Bristol. My father and I took a day trip out to Portishead. It was very wet. I was amused by various signs there so… Continue reading

Vaccination: Stopping you getting horrendous diseases since 1796

I love vaccinations. I am a huge fan. So much so that I may design some screen-printed t-shirts proclaiming so. If I had to decide on an invention that had the most influence… Continue reading

The Unnamed Country

As this is my very first post – hello – and welcome to Stepping String. This blog is an affiliate of The String Empire. I decided that I needed a new blog dedicated… Continue reading