Blankets and wine Kampala

I’ve been wanting to go to the music festival Blankets and Wine since I first heard about it several months ago. It involves music, wine and picnic blankets – what’s not to love?… Continue reading

The bed review: The Haven, Jinja

If you need some relaxation in your life then get yourself to The Haven in Jinja, Uganda.  We recently spent a long weekend here. The place has the most amazing view of rapids… Continue reading

What to pack for… A weekend to Jinja

For years explorers risked death trying to find the source of the Nile. I can reveal to you all now that it is in Jinja, Uganda. And it is a conveniently short (a… Continue reading

On the body and traveling

“You are very fat now.” My cleaner greets me with these words as I wander into the living room. She tilts her head to assess my body the better. “Since being away you… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Fish and Chips

  Fish and Chips are probably the most famous of British food. I love a good chippy. Nothing smells quite so delicious as hot chips covered in salt and vineger. Mmmm. I prefer… Continue reading

A peek at St. Ives

St. Ives is one of the loveliest places to visit in Cornwall. Here is a little peek for you:      

A castle in the sea: Climbing St. Michael’s Mount

St. Michael’s Mount is a tidal island off the coast of Cornwall. When the tide is in you can only reach the island by boat. But when the tide is out there is a… Continue reading

The best beach in the U.K.

“The U.K. has rubbish beaches.” So said an Australian friend of mine. Admittedly this was partly my fault as I’d taken him to Weston-Super-Mare where the beach has a tendency to turn to mud… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: The Cornish Pasty

Be still my watering mouth! If there is a type of food that the British do well it’s baked goods. There is no better land for a pie. The Cornish Pasty is no… Continue reading

Writing about volunteering for Go Girl Magazine

I am now writing a monthly column for the Go Girl Travel Network. It will be sharing my tales from volunteering. You can read the first installment here: Go Girl is pretty fun… Continue reading