Murchison Falls: A great weekend away

“Aaaaargh! They’re biting through my jeans!” “Kill them!” These were the recurring cries from the back seat of our mini-van as we made our way to Murchison Falls. For the road to the… Continue reading

Piles of fruit and veg by the roadside

On the way back from our coffee safari our guide stopped the van to pick up food supplies. Not wanting to miss out I leapt out and bought some avocados and passionfruit. It… Continue reading

Traditional Ugandan food

Ugandans LOVE starch. That is my conclusion. In the above photo you can see matoke with groundnut sauce, pumpkin, sweet potato, yam, cassava, creamed spinach, bitter tomatoes, beef stew, smoked fish and beans.… Continue reading

World Press Freedom Day: Crashing the journalists’ party

“Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose” – George Orwell “What are the chances the UN ambassador and all those journalists are slow… Continue reading

Walter’s boda tour of Kampala

I am terrified of bodas. A boda boda is a motorbike taxi. In Kampala they’re unregulated – any dude with a bike will tout for business it seems. Before Saturday I’d been on… Continue reading

On a coffee safari with 1000 cups

I have been going a little stir-crazy here in Kampala. At first it was amazing to have so much free time to work on my art etc. But now it’s gone on a… Continue reading

I can never spell Koala

In Australia I walk around with my head permanently at an upward angle. It’s a good thing the pavements are so even or I’d have had a nasty accident by now. I walk… Continue reading

An Australian Easter

Australia is a large land. It is the 6th largest country in the world with 7,692,024 km2of land. Yet compared to it’s landmass it has a tiny population with only (approximately) 23,000,527 people living there.… Continue reading

Top ten books about: INDIA

Travelling often has moments of extreme boredom. This is not advertised but the most awesome trip in the world is probably going to have long moments where there is very little to do.… Continue reading

A tour of a Sikh temple

When we were in Delhi for the Christmas holidays we got given a tour of a Sikh Temple. Our taxi driver told us he was a Sikh and asked if we’d like to… Continue reading