A typical Ugandan breakfast: Rolex

A rolex is a chapati with a plain omelette rolled inside. Tasty, if a little oily. You can buy it on the roadside to go or in restaurants like above. Sometimes it comes with a little… Continue reading

(In?)Appropriate footwear for travel

I remember listening to an episode of Women’s Hour (ridiculous and random BBC radio 4 program) many months ago that discussed women travelling. I remember it because it annoyed me immensely by assuming… Continue reading

A weekend trip to Lake Bunyoni

Last weekend a bunch of us drove for 11 hours or so to spend the long weekend at Lake Bunyoni. “Bunyoni” means “little birds”. It’s quite close to the border with Rwanda –… Continue reading

FB: The time I climbed Fuji with only a stick, flavoured oxygen and some gross food

I do enjoy being able to slip casually into conversation the fact that I once climbed a mountain. I know. It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I’d do. But I did. And even… Continue reading

A global service jam in Kampala

The other weekend I took part in my very first service jam. What is this thing called a “Service Jam”? you may be asking. It’s not immediately obvious and actually involved very little edible jam. A… Continue reading

1/100: Waiting

The rage of the buffalo

During our safari in the Maasai Mara we were lucky enough to see a pretty special event. On the Saturday we’d found a group of lions (two lionesses and loads of cubs) eating… Continue reading

Beware the Nairobi street scams

I was happily wandering the streets around our hotel in Nairobi, exploring, taking in the vibe of the city. As I crossed a road aiming for the ATM I’d spied a man sidled… Continue reading

Camping in the Maasai Mara

This was definitely the fanciest “camping” I’ve ever experienced. Our tents were inside brick structures and there was a bathroom with a shower attached at the back! A HOT shower! Oh! And there… Continue reading

A tour of a Maasai village

After our all-day safari on Saturday we were given the option of going to see a nearby Maasai village for an entrance fee of 1000 shillings. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity… Continue reading