Happy Diwali 2012

It’s Diwali in India! Happy Diwali everyone! The above photo was taken in the entrance-way f my apartment block. Some women were sat there yesterday painstakingly drawing this out on the ground. It’s… Continue reading

A day trip to Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is about 24 km outside of Bangalore and as such makes an excellent location for a day trip. We hired a car for the day to take us there but… Continue reading

Wherein I get my hands hennaed and people think I’m married

Last week I crossed off another item on my To Do list for India by having my hands hennaed. Woo! This form of body decoration has been intriguing me for a number of… Continue reading

Frustrating phone conversations: No.1

Attempting to order Biriyani. Phone rings. Biriyani dude: Hello Me: Hello BD: Hello? Me: Hello. I’d like to order some Biriyani please. BD: Hello? Ma’am? Me: Hello. Biriyani? BD: Yes! Where are you… Continue reading

Trying out an Indian beauty salon

“You never waxed your arms” the beauty therapist says disapprovingly as she soaps my arms. She’s right, I can’t deny it, I never have. “No”, I say. Succinctly. “That’s why hair so long”… Continue reading

Pondering Pondicherry

This weekend was spent exploring Pondicherry. Well, ‘exploring’ in a rather loose sense. It consisted more of enjoying the warm weather, natural beauty and beaches of Pondicherry. And oh, it was so nice… Continue reading

Having a massage at Orrah the spa in Koramangala

As Wednesday was my birthday I was in a mindset to give myself a treat. I’d been eyeing Orrah the Spa which is opposite our apartment block for a while. So on Wednesday… Continue reading

Indian roadside food beats the U.K.’s hands down

Just look at how amazing this breakfast looks! This was a buffet breakfast we procured on the way to Kabini. They also brought us dosa and ample tea, coffee and watermelon juice. Mmmmmm.

Tiger spotting in Nagarahole

Last weekend we went on a trip to Nagarahole National park. This park has been a tiger reserve since 1999. I knew the chances of actually seeing a tiger were slim but I… Continue reading

Wherein I get concussed by a rickshaw

It’s Friday evening. Three of us are in a rickshaw on the way to a pub called Take 5 somewhere “near M.G. Road”. Our friend doesn’t know the song ‘Take 5’. So C… Continue reading